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New Bedford mom disgusted with used masks, needles, condoms, open drug use at playground


“This is today currently at a children’s playground on Bonney Street!!

Children come here every day to play!! There are grown individuals who think it’s okay to come here, sit on the actual playground and do whatever drugs that they want to do!!

They were putting chairs underneath so they can sit and enjoy!! I called the police last week when three individuals walked up confidently as we were arriving and sat themselves at the children’s playground and were clearly doing some drugs. We had to leave!!

We visited the park again a week later and we had to leave again because of the same thing!! I called the police last week and they said they were aware of it and would check on it. But on another visit a week later we actually found uncovered needles tossed on the ground!!

Today (09/12) two grown men were hanging out on the children’s playground again!! This time I mentioned out loud that this was a children’s playground!! The one in the photo couldn’t even stand straight and was looking through all the woodchips to see if he could find anything for himself (reference the photo of the uncovered hypodermic needle).

They were defending themselves and telling me why they could be there!! Telling me to go to a different park up the street!! I take my daughter to his park every day because we wait for her dad to leave his work which is right next door. This once again was not an option because of these ‘grown’ individuals who made it very clear to me that they don’t care and that if they are there it’s for them to enjoy.

I’m so disappointed.

Just shedding light and trying to spread awareness on this in case families bring their children there to play.”

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