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New Bedford City Council announces 2023 Committee assignments


“Council President Linda M. Morad has announced the 2023 Committee Assignments for the New Bedford City Council. In a statement released today, Morad remarked that she was pleased to announce the 2023 Council Committee structure and thankful that her colleagues had agreed to serve in key leadership roles that would help set the direction of the Council agenda throughout the upcoming year.

Attempting to evenly distribute the workload of the Committees, Morad had asked that each of the veteran Councillors assume Chairmanship of two Committees, while the newest-serving members of the Council (Councillors Derek Baptiste, Shane A. Burgo and Ryan J. Pereira) assume Chairmanship of one Committee.

“Having veteran Councillors continue to serve in leadership roles keeps continuity and stability on the core issues of the Council’s responsibilities as set forth in our City Charter” stated Morad. She added that she was “pleased that the newest members of the Council body have accepted these important Chairmanship positions”.

Two major changes to the Council Committees include the expansion of the Affordable Housing and Homeless Affairs Committee, to be Chaired by Councillor Shane A. Burgo, and the Veterans Affairs, Elderly, Youth, Health, Housing and Disability Issues Committee, to be Chaired by Councillor Brian K. Gomes. These two Committees were formerly structured as 5-person Committees; however, with this modification, they will now include all City Council members. Morad commented that “The issues before these two Committees are of the utmost importance to the residents of our City; therefore expanding the Council membership of these Committees will ensure that all of my Colleagues are informed of and equally involved in the decision-making process to resolve issues before these Committees”.

“I know that all my Colleagues on the New Bedford City Council will work diligently and provide a seamless transition to the new 2023 Committee assignments. I look forward to working with them and our new Ward 3 Colleague throughout the remainder of this year as we address the issues of our City and complete the important business of the City Council.” Morad concluded.

Committee assignments are effective immediately. For a complete list of Committees, Chairs, Vice-Chairs and Members. click here.”

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