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Massachusetts woman screams “die!” and throws items at man driving with Trump flag


The 2020 election cycle has begun and it will be one of the most heated elections in U.S. history. With extreme passion comes heated arguments and of course physical assaults.

A viral story on Turtleboy sports got my attention this morning.

On July 1st, a man posted a video showing a woman screaming obscenities, throwing trash and flipping off a man during what he claims is rush hour traffic on Route 128 in Massachusetts. In his text on YouTube, he claims the woman was doing it because of his Trump flag that can be seen in the video.

In the text on his YouTube video, he also claims she swerved at his vehicle and threw other trash at him before the video started:

“So this happened….on route 128 in Massachusetts during the morning rush hour. Before the camera started rolling, this woman had swerved into me, thrown what I think was a pizza box and several bottles of water. Yes, she’s essentially driving a dumpster on wheels.

Either way, I didn’t call the cops – I mean, I could, but she’s clearly nuts and I figure it’s a hell of a laugh.”

It’s very concerning that this woman was screaming “Die!” while throwing objects and barely paying attention to the road in front of her. I also can’t condone filming and driving, but can’t blame the guy for wanting to document a person harassing you with a vehicle.

Unfortunately, this is what our country has come to – physically attacking people for wearing a hat, having a flag on your vehicle or simply having an opposing view. Last Friday, the avowed white supremacist who drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters in Virginia in 2017 was sentenced to life in prison Friday on hate crime charges. Just a few days ago, Antifa members physically assaulted a conservative journalist in Portland, sending him to the hospital with a serious head injury. There are crazy, angry people on both sides of the extreme political spectrum – this woman attacking a Trump supporter is just the example of the day.

We have 16 more months until the 2020 election and I expect things will get much worse between now and then. My suggestion is to try and have conversations with those you disagree with – assaulting them is never the answer. But I expect these final words to fall on deaf ears.

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  1. I would have slowed enough to get her plate number.

  2. I think I ran into her on 495. While she didn’t throw anything at me, she did cut me off and give me the one finger salute.

  3. I would of fired a few rounds at her
    This is why I carry a gun

  4. Zero evidence that this was because of politics. Stop and go traffic in Massachusetts. I’m willing to bet they were both driving like idiots and antagonizing each other, which resulted in run of the mill road rage. The guy making the video probably claimed it was because of his Trump regalia so the video would get attention.

  5. I work in MA plus I drive a Toyota Prius so I get rage directed at me all the time or constantly getting cut off because apparently, I’m not driving fast enough lol.
    Fastest way to make a Ma$$hole angry is to pass them in a Prius and friends used to think I was crazy until they saw it for themselves

  6. You do know that in Massachusetts, it is a Class A Felony to even give the impression that you are a Trump supporter. Violators are dealt with severely.

  7. Michael Ferreira

    Trump 2020
    -I’ll take those crumbs bi-weekly
    -foreign policy
    -job creation
    -unemployment at all time low
    -country before party

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