Massachusetts State Police photo.

Massachusetts State Police Marine Unit prepares for the worst-case scenario


“This week Troopers assigned to the Massachusetts State Police Marine Unit underwent in-depth training and conducted real-world scenarios for the operation of vessels in zero visibility conditions. This training prepares the unit members to expeditiously respond to emergencies on the water in all conditions, when seconds can matter.

Seen in the pictures here are members of the Marine Unit operating Marine 45 with the forward, port, and starboard side windshields completely blocked off to simulate zero visibility conditions. Marine 45 is a 45-foot SAFE Boat dedicated to Trooper Donald E. Shea who was killed in the line of duty on December 16, 1978.

During the training unit members were posted on the exterior port and starboard sides of Marine 45 to act as safety lookouts while a senior member of the unit conducted scenarios in the cockpit of the vessel. During the scenarios a navigator closely monitored the vessel’s electronic chart plotter and Radar for obstacles and determined a proper course for the pilot to take in order to arrive at their intended destination.

To make the training as realistic as possible, while underway other Marine Unit vessels took the role of small boats operating in the path of Marine 45. These vessels generated a Radar signature for the navigator to interpret allowing them to provide course corrections to the pilot.”-Massachusetts State Police.

Massachusetts State Police photo.

Massachusetts State Police photo.

Massachusetts State Police photo.

Massachusetts State Police photo.

Massachusetts State Police photo.

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