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Massachusetts man ambushed in savage attack by grizzly bears in Grand Teton Park, Wyoming


“A 35-year old man from Massachusetts was attacked by a grizzly bear on Sunday, May 19th in the Signal Mountain area of Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. The scene is still being investigated as of Monday the 20th.

Crews used a helicopter to bring the injured man to an ambulance after the bear attack. The man was then brought to St. John’s Hospital in Jackson, Wyoming, roughly 40 miles south of the entrance to Signal Mountain Summit Road. He is currently in stable condition and expected to survive.

Currently in their investigation, Grand Teton Park Rangers and wildlife biologists believe this was a surprise attack that involved two grizzly bears, while only one made contact with the man resulting in his injuries. While the investigation is still ongoing, Summit Road remains closed to the public.

The Park Service reminded visitors in their press release about the following safety measures when exploring an area with bears:

1️⃣Be alert and aware of your surroundings.
2️⃣Make noise, especially in areas with limited visibility or when sound is muffled (e.g., near streams or when it is windy).
3️⃣Carry bear spray, know how to use it, and keep it readily accessible.
4️⃣Hike in groups of three or more people.
5️⃣Do not run. Back away slowly if you encounter a bear.”-Park People.

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