Lillian Connor photo.

Disabled woman frustrated by New Bedford Housing Authority’s refusal to put up handicap ramp


“Can anyone out there help us? ♿ New Bedford Housing Authority won’t put up a ramp for those of us who have a disability and struggle with walking and have difficulty with stairs.

We are seeking help to get a ramp put in so we can have easier access to the upper street sidewalk from the lower sidewalk which leads to our homes, which requires using stairways. You can Google Parkdale Projects on the Rockdale Avenue side to see the steep stairs we are forced to maneuver. There is no other access to the lower sidewalk and our homes except these steep stairs.

There is plenty of room for a ramp. The New Bedford city council gave their approval for a ramp but Joe Beauregard, head of housing told Joseph Lopes, ward counselor, that it’s “not feasible”. How can it not be feasible to give those with disabilities a ramp versus dangerous stairs?


I’m searching for advocates as I am not sure where to turn for help at this point. I have reached out to MOD and other sites hoping to find someone who can help. I’m waiting for a response from anyone who’s willing to try to help us. I have also reached out to channels 10, 6 and 12 in hopes of finding an advocate in this matter of helping those with disabilities.”–Lillian Connor.

This is a photo taken from my porch. Lillian Connor photo.

This is the backdoor stairs which is not the issue. We just avoid them and don’t have an issue with them. Lillian Connor photo.

This is the hill that leads to Summit Street, in back of our unit. Lillian Connor photo.

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  1. Being handicapped myself, I hear you loud and clear. Contact the office of American Disabilities. The sad thing is you know when it will be done is if the Mayor had a family member or someone with clout in the city family member need it. Make a stink, speak out. I wish you the best.

  2. I agree 100 percent. NB housing needs to consider people with disabilities needs.

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