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Massachusetts COVID-19 deaths 25% higher than California’s


Why does Massachusetts have 25% more COVID-19 related deaths than California, a state with nearly 6 times the population? California officials credit early social distancing with making a major difference. As of Wednesday, Massachusetts reached 1,108 COVID-19 related deaths compared to California’s 889. The statistics are similar to total cases, California has 27,250 confirmed COVID-19 cases compared to 32,181 in Massachusetts. California has 40 million people compared to 6.9 million in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Coronavirus Update

On April 16, the Massachusetts Public Health Department reported that the state added 2,263 more positive cases of COVID-19 bringing to total to 32,181. This is a increase from Wednesday’s 1,755 reported cases.137 new COVID-19 related deaths were reported since yesterday, down from 151, bringing the total deaths in Massachusetts to 1,245.

As of 4 pm today, 140,773 people in Massachusetts have been tested for COVID-19 – 8,750 in the past 24 hours compared to the previous day’s total of 5,472.

New Bedford Coronavirus Update

Mayor Jon Mitchell’s office reported one more COVID-19 related death and 11 additional confirmed COVID-19 cases in New Bedford Thursday afternoon, bringing the total positive cases in the city to 174, up from 163 yesterday. The total COVID-19 related deaths in New Bedford is now at eight. Mayor Mitchell reported four new COVID-19 related death on Tuesday.

Fall River Coronavirus Update

Fall River reported an additional 17 confirmed cases of COVID-19. According to Mayor Coogan, there are now 182 confirmed cases in Fall River with two more fatalities. Full details here.

The Diocese of Fall River announced today that the financial impact of the COVID-19 crisis requires it to close two Catholic schools at the end of this school year. Full details here.

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