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Man falls asleep in boat docked in Rhode Island, wakes up crashing onto Horseneck Beach, Massachusetts


Yesterday I wrote an article about a mysterious large boat that I found crashed onto Horseneck Beach in Westport, Massachusetts while on my evening walk with the wife and dog. That evening I spoke with some campers at the the Horseneck Beach campground, they reported that the boat has been washed up on shore since Saturday, October 21st.

I reached out to the Westport Harbormaster who said he was aware of the boat, but declined to offer any details on the situation. I figured it would remain a mystery until I saw Matt Morais from Dighton, Massachusetts commenting on the article.

I was intrigued so I reached out to Matt and he got back to me with a pretty crazy story.

“I was camping in my van at one of those spots right on the beach near where the boat ended up. It was probably 8:40ish when I saw someone running around on the beach with a flash light. Which at first I didn’t think much of it. I thought maybe someone was out on the beach with a dog.

Then the guy with the light started yelling “ is anybody there!” So obviously I get out to see what’s happening. So I go around the fence and go talk to the guy and he’s asking “Where am I?” all confused. So I told him he’s at horseneck beach in Westport mass.

At which point he was like, How did I end up in Massachusetts?”. I asked him how he ended up here and told me that he had boat issues and that he was on the boat which was anchored up in little Compton. While it was anchored he was sleeping inside until he violently slammed into the beach. So he had to get out of the boat which was still in the water, so he was soaked.

He asked me if I had some extra pants to wear so I gave him a pair of my fleece lined pants. Which I’ll never see again ?. I showed him the way to the bathroom so he could change. Then he asked me for a ride to his jeep. But I couldn’t give him a ride due to the way my van is set up. So I walked him to the office so he could talk to them and get a ride.

And that was the last I saw of him and those fleece line pants hahaha. A little bit after that I saw the park truck and what looked like the people from the office looking at the boat but I didn’t go see what was going on after that.”

Photo by Erica Richard

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