Newhouse Wildlife Rescue photo.

Massachusetts Wildlife Rescue shares story about rescued raccoon orphans after tree cut down


“Anne was shocked when her neighbor’s tree service cut down a very old oak tree that was, in fact, on Anne’s property. Her neighbor thought any tree that overhung her property was fair game – but the law says it’s not. In California, where this happened, large oak trees are protected and there are VERY steep fines for cutting one down without permission.

Anne spoke with the tree service about how to handle what they had done. It happened to be on the same day we were asking for funds on Facebook. Anne is a long time follower. She told the tree service that, if they made a large donation to Newhouse that same day, she would not seek legal action. The tree company jumped at the opportunity.

She wrote me an email to tell me what happened.

My first thought: Wow! What a brilliant idea…So many of the orphans we receive lost their homes from trees being cut down. It was poetic to me.

Newhouse Wildlife Rescue received a whopping $6,500 donation from the tree service that very same day.

Thank you Anne. A very ugly situation turned around and provided a lot of hope to orphaned wildlife because of you.

Poetic indeed…”-Newhouse Wildlife Rescue.

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