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Fabulous Foundations is now located in the Dartmouth Towne Center on 398 State Road.

Ladies, let me introduce you to some pretty cool facts about…well, your ladies! Listen up, because you might just be among the 80% of women who are wearing the wrong size bra.  Guys, feel free to read along.  Go ahead.  There’s no doubt your lady love will appreciate a little something fabulous.  I’d even suggest taking notes.

Turns out, there’s a lot more than I thought to find the perfect bra size; I’ve certainly had it all wrong for years.  If your straps are falling and the girls are sneaking out, then it’s likely you are among the 80%. So do yourself a favor and learn a few tips from the trade that I picked up from the lovely, Nancy Espindola, owner of Fabulous Foundations, 398 State Road in Dartmouth, who has found her passion in empowering women with the right tips and tools of the trade to make the best purchase for their money when it comes to quality bras, panties, and swimwear!

The Foundations

Nancy’s vision began one day, when she blinked, and realized that her kids blossomed beyond the nest and her stay-at-home Mom schedule was suddenly free.  If you’re a mom, you know how it goes; the many robes a woman wears throughout the day really do require the proper foundation.  So let’s just say as a wife and mom, Nancy’s cups were always overflowing. She figured out fast how to find the bras to fit her lifestyle.  And when she realized it was time to pass that knowledge onto her niece, she went to her favorite local bra shop Lady Grace, in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

When it came to finding a bra to fit her niece, she realized, a lot of it had to do with age group. Nancy wanted something that was “youthful, pretty, and appropriate” for every woman to remember her first time shopping for the everyday wardrobe essential.  She realized that so many women are often misled by department stores that display a size 34 B bra as if every age, shape and size can expect to find the same cute little cup in her size.  Often store clerks are not trained on how to properly size and custom fit and as a result women are discouraged when they only find a plain nude or black boring bra in their size.

 On A Mission

FF Owner Nancy Espindola
Nancy Espindola, owner of Fabulous Foundations.

Nancy found her niche and pursued her passion to open a shop where EVERY woman can come and feel comfortable and confident in finding at least 8-15 different selections for any bust size, body type, age group, and lifestyle.  Yes- that sweet and sexy size 34 B is now available in the size that’s fit for you.  And by fit I mean, a custom private fitting consultation by Nancy or one of her savvy staff members who are trained and educated to ensure that every Fabulous Foundation customer leaves feeling fulfilled in their cups.

Fabulous Foundations has a pretty sweet mission that is something we can all take some notes on.  Nancy shared with me some of her self-taught secrets and trained tips of the trade, and why she chooses to purchase from European companies rather than American manufactures.

The Fit Factor

The European method of sizing is “Find the band-add the cup” approach opposed to the American method of “find the cup-add the band” Notice how when the cup coverage is just not cutting it, we by default opt for a bigger size band?  The difference with European sizing is the range in cup sizes from A-K (and now even O cup!), while American sizes stop at DDD cup, forcing woman to sacrifice the band fit for proper cup size.  Which is exactly why 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra.  That’s really all we had available to us until Nancy started on a mission to keep her customers covered with merchandise hand chosen according to their needs.

Customer Service Journey

Nancy also believes that every woman deserves a proper one-on-one private consultation in one of her chic fitting rooms as part of her promise to ensure that every purchase becomes an empowering experience.  Another added bonus is that she keeps an updated customer record of fittings and purchases, so you don’t have to.

The Bra Wardrobe: Let’s face it, women are multitasking superheroes.  In a single day we can go from washing floors, to working out, to the supermarket, to the soccer field, to a business dinner, to a night out on the town, and back home for bedtime stories.  A girl’s got to have enough bras in her wardrobe to keep up with her…or keep her up, I should say. Another part of Nancy’s mission is to educate women to make more informed purchases.  So lucky for us, she gave us this awesome guide to keep us covered-literally.

Five Must-Have Bras: The Bra Wardrobe

1. Sports Bra: “Everyday Tasks & Tending Bra

Fit- Sporty, Shapely
Body Type: All
Support-Maximum, Firm
Features- Cuts 80% Bounce, Breathable Band, Vents, Multifunctional

FF Sport Bra & Panty


2. Balconette: “Tee & Turtlenecks Bra

Fit- Rounded Effect
Body Type: Fit, Fake, Firm (FFF)
Features-Sweetheart Cut, Polka Dot Pattern. Comfy

FF Polka Dot Balconette Bra


3. Plunge:  “Summer Tanks & Tee Bra

Fit: Crisscross, Tee Back, Halter, Regular
Body Type: Fit, Fake, Firm (That’s a must here, ladies)
Features: Multifunctional Straps for a more optional wear

Cream Plunge



4. Strapless:  “Everything Evening Bra

Fit: Must Be Snug, Crisscross, Halter
Support: Maximum
Features: Comfort, Silicone Band for a controlled fit

FF Nude Strapless


5. Full Cup: Soft & Professional Bra

Fit: Regular
Support: Controlled
Coverage: Full
Body Type: Full Busted
Features: Modest fit, Soft, Comfortable

Nude Full Cup


* Bonus: Just Because I’m Beautiful  Bra”

Coverage- His credit card (wink wink, guys)
Fit– Perfect to your unique and beautiful body
Support- Empowering in every way, shape, and form
Features- Everything that you need to look and feel as beautiful as you are on the inside.

Cream Plunge


Bra Love & Care: The last part of Nancy’s bra crash course 101 stressed the importance of giving your bras the same TLC that you received during your purchase.  Think of it like this:  You sweat all day and oil and perspiration from your body leak out onto your bra causing the band to wear out faster.  (eww-but true) If you are going to make an investment in yourself, you might as well make it a lasting investment.

Nancy’s Nifty Tips: Extend the Life of Your Bra

  • Rotate Your Bra Wardrobe
  • Always Air Dry
  • Use a Gentle Biodegradable Solution Wash.  SOAK is available in store, in five different fragrances, travel and regular size bottles.  It’s a simple way to increase the longevity of all your delicate clothing.  (I even use it to wash my makeup brushes!)  Just Soak, Squeeze, Hang Dry-NO RINSE

Feel even more fabulous that 90% of all bras have panties to match! Fabulous Foundations also carries a unique selection of premium women’s swimwear with control top built in bras.  So if you’re heading out on a vacation in January, rest assured Nancy has a fresh selection of bathing suits year round starting at size C cup.   Pregnant or Nursing?   I wish I had known that there were quality and pretty nursing bras that would last before, during, and after my son was born.

Feel free to make an appointment with Nancy or any other Fabulous Foundations staff member.  They can even special order items that are not in stock. Just be sure to bring your garments with you, and they will take care of finding you the perfect foundations to fit.

Fabulous Foundations also offers free alterations, free holiday gift wrapping, and gift cards.  With a new location comes a new commitment to make sure your Fabulous Foundations experience helped you achieve the comfort, fit, and lift that every woman needs to be the amazing superhero that we all are!  I can say for sure that I’m more than happy with my experience and I learned a ton of valuable information to share with you.  Mention this article when you visit Fabulous Foundations for a little something special, just because you deserve it!

Monday-Friday: 10:00am-7:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am-5:00pm
Sunday: Closed

Call for an Appointment or Walk-in Consultations Welcome

We’ve moved to the Dartmouth Towne Center, 398 State Road. Between Barnes & Noble, and Game Stop.

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  1. Wow just what I’ve been looking for. My soon to be hubby will be so happy to hear of this place. He always talks about me needing to be measured for the right bra for me!!

  2. I love this store, when Lady Grace closed downtown I was lost. There are no local stores that sell larger sized bras. I found Fabulous Foundations a few years back and they have been terrific. Every time I go in the ladies that work there are so helpful with their fittings and “tips” to help feel so much better about how I look. Great shop and wonderful people who work there!

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