Rose Alley Ale House

Hear me RAAH!!!! Yes, it’s been known to happen, especially when its beer time, and especially when I’m at Rose Alley Ale House.  Home to over 70 delicious brews, a variety of different spirits, and a tiny kitchen that pumps out some serious pub grub, this great little establishment is …

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Downtown Living at The Regency

We are all aware of the enhancements that have been made to New Bedford over the last  few years.  Whether you’ve  noticed or not, The Regency Apartments on 800 Pleasant Street has been going through some enhancements of their own.  As the city grows and improves, so must the buildings …

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Local Business Spotlight on Froh Safety

froh safety new bedford guide

During the course of an average day in downtown New Bedford, you might walk past half a dozen people who, unbeknownst to you, own their own businesses.  Bar owners like the guys from Rose Alley or Barry and Denis from Catwalk, are well know because of the nature of their …

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Internet Entrepreneur: Cape Cost Less

Who are the owners of this website?  Talk a little about yourselves. is an organic, joint venture of Backfield Enterprises, LLC.  The partners are Ben Couto and Brandon Perry.  As the CEO, Brandon is responsible for the direction of Cape Cost Less, and as COO, Ben is responsible for …

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Event Map Program Coming Soon

event map

Next week and will launch an event map program that will allow users to see events that are currently happening or that will occur in the future.  The system will automatically detect your location, but users can define the starting location on the map (address, city or zip …

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