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A Historical Perspective on the Trump Era


Written by Bruce C. Ditata

Leon Trotsky, co- leader of the Russian Revolution of 1917 and living in exile since his expulsion by Soviet Premier, Joseph Stalin in 1925, recently gave an interview to NBC’s, Megyn Kelly, covering a wide range of topics, including his take on President Donald J. Trump’s travails with Congress and the Justice Department.

From his villa in the suburbs of Mexico City, the 137 year old former President of the Petrograd Soviet, first put to rest what he referred to as the “fake news” report of his alleged assassination by a Stalin agent in 1940.

“ Even then we were plagued by conspiracy theorists, whacko birds really, like your Alex Jones Infowars outlet who troll a segment of the population that will believe anything, even such pablum as your defeated Democratic Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, operating a child prostitution ring in the basement of a pizza parlor.”

“Your name has been mentioned, prominently of late because of your role in the George Orwell classic, Animal Farm, a satire about the rise of dictatorships which is regaining popularity in high school Language Arts curriculum,” said Kelly.

“As you know, Megyn, the pig Snowball was modeled after my role in starting the revolution in Mother Russia, but, unfortunately, Comrade Stalin (portrayed by Napoleon in the novel) feared my intellect and ability to connect with the proletariat, and in both the book and in real life, I was chased out of the country,” recounted Trotsky.

“ In Orwell’s book, after your expulsion, were you not blamed by Comrade Napoleon for every misfortune that occurred during his regime?”

“Da, da (yes, yes,) Megyn; like any pocket edition dictator, they accept no responsibility for anything that befalls their government ; there always has to be a viable, convenient scapegoat to absolve the regime from any misguided or failed policies.”

“It appears that was an issue that plagued the early Soviet Union and its ability to convince the masses about the efficacy of communism. How did you and Comrade Stalin handle that complicated problem? asked Kelly.

“What is paramount, essential really, is to completely control and manage the message,”said Trotsky.

“How is this accomplished?” queried Kelly.

“Well, Orwell, in his book assigns Squealer, another one of Napoleon’s fawning minions, the classic role of spokesperson to deliver the leader’s edicts, often misrepresenting or avoiding the truth, but having the ability to spew “alternative facts” without any fear of repercussions. On Animal Farm this was accomplished with Napoleon’s cadre of attack dogs to quash dissent and in our Soviet State we had our ever present secret police. Donald Trump trots out his two cartoon characters, Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Spenser to harangue the press with falsities and attacks.”

“In the United States today our current President Trump is in a legal imbroglio with the Congress and his own Justice Department about his administration and alleged collusion with Russia’s hacking in the 2016 election- as well as possible obstruction of justice. What is your view of Trump’s strategy in attempting to control that information war?”asked Kelly.

“ Well, in my opinion, Trump’s constant attacks on the press and those trying to investigate both him and his inner circle is prudent and effective; it’s probably the best way to keep power, satisfy his base and intimidate his own Republican party into supporting him no matter what alleged crimes were committed.”

“There is an old Russian saying and I believe it applies here to President Trump, too,” said Trotsky.

“Comrade Stalin is always right.”

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