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2013 New Bedford Election Results


Here are the results for the November 5th, 2013 New Bedford elections. Voter turn out was 10,145 of 54,353 registered voters, or 18.67%.


New Bedford City Council At-Large Results

city c

New Bedford City Council – Ward 1 – 3 (all uncontested races)

ward 1-3

New Bedford City Council – Ward 4


New Bedford City Council – Ward 5


New Bedford City Council – Ward 6



New Bedford School Committee


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  1. Interesting that 2500 voters castings ballots did not cast a ballot for Mayor. I think Mr. Mitchell needs to assess this 25% , of what can be considered, vote of “no confidence”. The Mayor will carry this baggage of the first 2 years of his administration as well as the upcoming term with him in what hopefully will be a contested race.

  2. Seems that the pay raise played a role in the elections. Even though gomes, coelho, and alves still remain, I think saunders mouth caught up with him. Its a shame these idiot voters would still support alves, gomes and coelho after they literally laughed at these voters knowing they would still get elected after trying to sneak in a raise. This city will never go forward when the electorate is as uneducated and incompetent as the councilors they keep re-electing.

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