20-year old New Bedford man arrested for fentanyl, crack cocaine distribution


UPDATE: turns out the girls were screaming “Free Lenine” – the guy arrested recently in connection for the assault on Feb 25: https://www.newbedfordguide.com/new-bedford-police-searching-for-feb-25-stabbing-suspect/2017/03/06

Members of the New Bedford Police Department’s Narcotics Division executed a search warrant at a Coffin Avenue apartment in New Bedford on Friday at approximately 6:45 PM.

The target of the investigation was 20-year old Rafeal Vega. As result of the investigation, detectives located 21 grams of crack cocaine, 17 grams of fentanyl, packaging materials, and $287.00 in cash. Vega had a prior conviction of drug distribution in 7/31/2012. He was also observed operating his motor vehicle and known to be unlicensed.

Vega was arrested and charged with:

1. Trafficking class B cocaine
2. Trafficking class B Fentanyl
3. Trafficking class B school zone (2 counts)
4. Possession with intent to distribute class B subsequent offense (2 counts)
4. Unlicensed Operator

Video by Carlos Pimentel Felix.

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  1. Stephanie Mitchell

    Just another example of the fine upstanding residents of new Bedford. Its a shame that the pig of a mother did not keep her legs together. Another good argument for either birth control, abstinence or not be a rutting pig.

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