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Yum Nuer -Spicy Thai Beef Salad!

The 10 Best Dishes on Earth and Where to Get Them Locally (Part 2)


7. Chicken w/ Shrimp and Round Fries

10 best dishes part 2 antonios
Chicken w/ Shrimp Antonio’s naked!

There’s probably a really cool sounding Portuguese word or phrase that identifies this dish. There’s only one spot I am aware that you can get it at, and though a genuine Portuguese restaurant, this menu item is listed in English. Anyone who has had this dish and reads these lines “Chicken w/ Shrimp Antonio’s” will instantly salivate. Drool. Check wallet for funds. Is it lunch time? Imagine the juiciest, massive gobs of fresh white chicken breast. Take a healthy serving of FRESH, not processed, FRESH shrimp and throw them on top. Drizzle over that their mouth watering red saffron beer sauce that anyone who has had Portuguese cuisine (imagine NOT growing up in a Portuguese community?! No thanks.) is familiar with. Take Antonio’s famous round fries and, put a mountains of them over the top and serve. The round fries are PERFECTLY cooked. Soft in the middle, crispy on the outside. Some restaurants think you should fry them until they are a kettle potato chip. Sacrilege. I always have this with another partner in crime since it’s too much food for one person to eat. The image I used to accompany the article shows what the dish look like without it’s hill of round fries so you can gaze at it in all it’s glory. For those of you food junkies that wish to see it with the fries, you can here. It’s a fantastic deal, and a lot of food for one of the best dishes on earth. There’s only one place to go for it, and that’s Antonio’s Restaurant on Coggeshall Street.

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  1. Try the fresh rolls at Spicy Lime in downtown New Bedford. They are awesome!

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