2011 New Bedford Elections


2011 New Bedford Elections

Election results from the November 8th Elections here: https://www.newbedfordguide.com/2011-new-bedford-election-results

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(I) = Incumbent

New Bedford MA Mayoral Elections

Confirmed Candidates – Mayor Scott Lang is not seeking re-election in 2011.

New Bedford City Council At Large Election

At-Large Councilors are elected by popular vote and represent all of New Bedford.  The top five finishers are elected to an At-large City Councilors position.  Here are the current New Bedford At-large City Councilors:

New Bedford Ward City Council Elections

Ward Councilors are elected by the people of specific wards.  New Bedford has six distinct wards.

Ward 1 – Linda Morad’s Vacant Seat

Ward 2

Ward 3

Ward 4

Ward 5

Ward 6

New Bedford School Committee Election

New Bedford Assessor Election

  • Marty Treadup

Have information regarding a candidate? e-mail use at info@newbedfordguide.com.


  1. I think you need to update your confirmed mayoral candidates list. Jon Mitchell has officially declared that he is running.

  2. All in favor for Councilor Gomes? AYE!!! Results are in, we have a new Mayor!!

  3. Im sorry but all of these choices are poor options. They are the usual group of business as usual local politicians.

  4. I am sorry Anonymous. This is one of the best elections New Bedford has seen in a long time. Jon Mitchell has never run for office before. Ward 1 WILL have a new councillor. Ward 3 has a current councilor, a former councilor, and Henry Bousquet is quite active. Dana Riberio is an activist who works for the city. James Roy is a highly intelligent person who will give Jane quite a run. This is a great election, and good for the city. Change is needed.

  5. Christopher John Barros

    None at this time.

  6. More information on my candidacy is available at http://www.randysantos.org Hopefully the site administrator will make that change on the candidate list for Ward 1.

  7. last time i was here Councilor Gomes seemed to be running for mayor… shucks. I love me some kale soup but given the population how much power would be considered absolute if Mr. Cabral gets elected?
    I tend to think a former asst. U.S. attorney in the Mayors seat would only worsen socioeconomic disparity.
    I would be interested to see how Mr. Jansen would fare in the war on fishing regulations if given such a vantage point…
    Haven’t heard much about Mr. Pina but am looking forward to learning more about this candidate as well as all of the others.
    Seems like Councilor Morad has experience on her side when it comes to having a foot in the door…

    • Considering crime is on the rise in NB and other places, I’d rather have a former assist d.a. Who supports police and the future of nb and is educated to sit down with executives from investing companies and promote the growth of NB. Something this city needs if people haven’t noticed the loss of jobs. He grew up in our area. Educated himself and is bringing it back. We should be proud and lucky to have such a fine candidate who doesn’t need this job. But wants to bring it back. As for the fishing industry. I’m quite sure it was his father that was a fisherman if I’m not mistaken. All the other candidates have been making politics a career, they seem like more of the same “yes man”. Yes to you and me and then nothing after that.

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