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Denis Lawrence New BedfordThe New Bedford municipal elections will be held on November 8th, 2011. A list of the candidates can be found here. New Bedford Guide does not endorse candidates and we offer our site for any candidate to publish articles. Articles can be submitted to Here is an article submitted by Denis Lawrence, Jr. who is running for City Council At-large. 

My name is Denis Lawrence, Jr. You have allowed me he honor and privilege to serve as YOUR Councillor At Large for the past fourteen years. This is a job that I don’t take lightly. Committing to the city of New Bedford as a public servant has long been instilled in me as a child. My grandparents settled in New Bedford, and committed to the city, establishing the Lawrence’s Greenhouses, on Hathaway Road. My father, a former City Councilor and State Representative, inspired me to seek the position of Councillor-At-Large.

People constantly ask me why I do it. Why do I continue serve the people of New Bedford? Why do I like being YOUR Councillor At Large? My answer is a simple one. I do what I do because it’s about families, community involvement, public safety, improving the quality of life for our people and bettering our city.

I have had the honor to continuously provide our homeowners with the lowest tax rate possible while at the same time supporting initiatives for businesses large and small, which has helped to create or retain over 4000 jobs for our residents. I have over my years of service secured $1.8 million in funding to place a water pumping station in the far north end that has led to finally increasing the water pressure for its residents. I have been fortunate enough to secure $260,000 to build the city’s first ever handicap accessible playground. I have secured $200,000 to purchase and install surveillance cameras in our city, adding to the ability to take back our streets. These cameras are making a difference in protecting our neighborhoods from crime and unwanted elements.

I have had the pleasure in sponsoring and securing additional tax breaks for our senior citizens, so that they can keep the homes they’ve worked a lifetime for. Over the years it has been a privilege to work with neighborhood associations to help better the areas they represent, increasing lighting, working for larger police presence when needed.

I have always believed myself to be a public servant and not a politician. Politicians are motivated by what is in it for them, and public servants are motivated by those he or she can help. This is why I do what I do; to serve the public. It is about creating opportunities for our children and grandchildren so that they too will want to stay in our city and as we are continuing together to make New Bedford a better place to work, live and raise a family in.

Denis Lawrence New BedfordIt has not been an easy process, but I can confidently say that the City of New Bedford has moved forward during my 14 years of service. Our business park is filled and our Downtown is revitalized. There is so much more to do; reinstate the neighborhood police program, work to keep our children in school, improve our neighborhoods and create additional jobs for our residents. I’m certain that, block-by-block and step-by-step, we will continue to point our city in a positive direction.

This is our city, we are its people, and it is what we make it. Over the next two years New Bedford will be faced with more challenges with a new mayor.  Now more than ever I feel we will need an experienced, reasonable and rational Councillor At Large representing you. I’m humbled that over the past 14 years you have recognized these qualities in me and I always keep this in mind with every vote I take.

This is why I do what I do. This is why I enjoy being your Public Servant. This is why I enjoy being Your Councillor-At-Large. In short, it’s about getting things done, it’s about moving New Bedford forward, and it’s about leadership making changes.

On Tuesday November 8th, I humbly as that you re-elect me, Denis Lawrence, Jr., as YOUR Councillor-At-Large.

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