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You spoke! New Bedford’s best restaurants according to residents


One of the best online resources for all things New Bedford is the New Bedford Facebook group. Currently with 23,700 members, you can get any question related to New Bedford answered by the people of New Bedford.

A gentleman who recently moved to the city joined the group and asked everyone for the best places to eat.

Here is what New Bedford residents had to say.

This was one of my favorite answers because they included the full spectrum of restaurants from a quick takeout window (Gary’s Best) to more of a fine dining experience (The Black Whale). Both places are great recommendations and serve different needs.

From what I’ve seen in the thread, this is the most liked comment, and there is a damn good reason why. I lived in Arizona for a few years and can confidently state that No Problemo’s street tacos will compete with any street taco in the southwest!

Here are some more great local recommendations. We recently highlighted Novo Mundo in a video that went absolutely viral on Instagram (for good reason). The charcoal roasted chicken is amazing and Carla is such a nice woman.

A lot of people were recommending Danny’s Seafood, a staple in the north end of New Bedford. I was happy to see people recommending this place, it might not get as much publicity because it’s not located downtown or on the water, but the food here is excellent!

Lastly, this comment gets bonus points for kindness and showing that not all of us New Englanders are grumpy! Also, Dillon’s is a great recommendation for a local place to grab breakfast or lunch.

There were so many answers and there was no way I could fit even half into this article! CLICK HERE to join the New Bedford group and see what’s happening in the city!

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