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Thanks to Isaksen Solar, I received my first $0 electricity bill


This week was an exciting milestone – after recently having Fall River-based Isaksen Solar install solar panels on my house, I received my first $0 electric bill. It’s the same feeling I had when I finally paid off my first car.

Additionally, last week I was approved for the Massachusetts SMART Solar Incentive Program, which now puts $45 a month into my bank account for the next 10 years – $540 a year or $5,400 over the next 10 years (120 total payments.)

Getting a $0 bill or even having a $45 payment sent to me each month aren’t the things I’m most excited about – now having the electric company pay me was always my top incentive for installing solar panels. With a solar panel installation, your system can generate a negative balance onto your electricity bill, effectively building up a monthly credit on any solar-generated electricity you don’t use. My electric company buys any excess solar generate electricity I don’t consume and tallies a negative credit that you can eventually cash out.

Finally, my home is now carbon positive – already saving 1,834 lbs of CO2 emissions in the first two months which is the equivalent of planting 13 trees. The system I purchased is expected to equate to planting 85 trees a year, or 2,000 trees over the 25-30 year system life. For those concerned about Global Warming/Climate Change, installing solar panels goes a long way in significantly reducing your carbon footprint. With a smartphone app, you get to not only see how much power you generate each day, but you also get to see how much carbon you are reducing.

Want to see if installing solar panels is right for you and your home? Contact Isaksen Solar at 508-567-0647, rrego@isaksensolar.com or visit them at https://isaksensolar.com. You can also follow them on Facebook here and read their review here.

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