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Small Christmas miracle takes place in New Bedford as stolen bicycle is returned to 9-year old boy


On the morning of December 10th, an upset mom messaged us to report that her 9-year old son’s most treasured possession was stolen from their home.


“Someone stole my son’s bike he got for Christmas last year. It’s a black Tony Hawk bike with tan wheels however the back tire has a bald spot right down the middle due to him always sliding it claiming he was doing tricks such as burn outs.

It was in our back hallway where we live and is now missing. Can everyone please help keep an eye out for it and if so possibly get it returned? This is not a bike that everyone has so it should be easy to spot. My son is only 9 and he really loved his bike and some scum just had to go and steal it.

This happened on Allen St., #NewBedford and it had to have been between midnight last night to early morning. Please call the NBPD at (508) 991-6300. -Ashley Ramos.”

Ashley Ramos photo.

As most people know, when something is stolen odds are you can just kiss it goodbye or it is either busted down for parts or sold to a pawn shop. And many cynics would say, “That’s so New Bedford. New Bedford sucks.”

However, the truth is that New Bedford is filled with good, decent, people. Yes, there are some real jerks, but the truth is that most people in the city are good and want to prove it by helping people in time of need get a meal, a jacket, some clothing, a place to sleep, or help spread the word about a missing cat, dog, or wallet, or perhaps just offer a word of encouragement, inspiration or good ol fashioned advice.

That’s exactly what happened. After we shared the post, the good people of New Bedford spread the word and kept an eye out fr the bike as they commuted or walked around the city.

And guess what? The bike was spotted and returned to the delight of this 9-year old boy!

“My son’s bike has been returned! Thank you sooo very much for helping spread the word. We where able to get it back thanks to the posts and people sharing it. My son is beyond happy to have his bike back. Thank you so very much.”

Don’t ever let people tell you that New Bedford sucks, because New Bedford is a spectacular place and the residents are awesome human beings.

Ashley Ramos photo.

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