Phone scams hit Fairhaven


The Fairhaven Police Department has received several reports of residents being contacted by phone by a variety of different organizations requesting money and donations. In one case a caller reported that a male called and said he was collecting donations for the Fairhaven Babe Ruth Baseball Team, which does not exist. Another caller reported that he received a call from a person who associated himself with a certain government agency, and requested personal and banking information over the phone.

The Fairhaven Police Department is urging all residents to not give any personal information over the phone, and if the caller is trying to convey themselves as a utility company or association that you normally deal with ask for a call back number and tell the party you want to confirm their identity. Technology now exists that allows the fraudulent callers to “spoof” a number, and make it look like it’s a familiar number calling you, when it’s actually a scammer, so please be extra vigilant when dealing with ANY company or association over the phone.

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