Philadelphia Police charge bouncer who allegedly killed New Bedford man with murder


“On Thursday, Kenneth Frye, the bouncer who allegedly punched former school committee member Eric Pope causing his death, was charged by Philadelphia Police with murder.

Shortly before 1 a.m. on Saturday, April 16, 41-year old former New Bedford school committee member Eric Pope was thrown out of Philadelphia ‘Tabu Bar and Lounge’ for allegedly being intoxicated.

Once outside Pope walked towards the club where the bouncer intercepted and allegedly assaulted him. Video of the incident shows Pope with his hands at his side when he was reportedly struck once, collapsed to the ground unconscious, and smacked his head on the asphalt. Video also shows that bouncers eventually dragged Pope to the sidewalk but later left him unattended as bystanders gathered.

Paramedics were called and upon arrival, attempted CPR on an unresponsive Pope. He was immediately transported to Jefferson Hospital in critical condition and days later he passed away from injuries that he sustained during the alleged assault.

Mr. Pope served the New Bedford school committee after being elected in 2001. Pope had been living in Washington, D.C. and was visiting friends in Philadelphia when the incident happened.

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