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Operation Backpack Homeless Drive


Mobile Loaves & Fishes and Odies Place is asking people in New Bedford to imagine what it would be like live outdoors with nowhere to call home. Not everyone gets to go home each night through their own front door into a nice warm, safe environment. Some people live on the streets and take their chances against the cold, crime, and fear they won’t wake up in the morning. Brian Harrington from Odies Place Rescue is asking for people to come together on June 25th and help make a difference.

Odies Place Rescue in conjunction with Mobile Loaves & Fishes would like people in New Bedford to come forward and donate a new or used backpack to the homeless and less fortunate. By donating socks, underwear and jeans, it can help change a person’s life who lives on the street.

A team from the charity will be at the PAACA, 360 Coggeshall St. New Bedford, MA on June 25th 10 am – 9 pm. For those who would like to help and donate important items, they are being asked to visit the venue or email odiesplace508@gmail.com where someone can pick up the items.

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  1. There r people i know that supposedly do this too in nb there names r mike n nancy crowell they pocket the money they abuse christianity know her husband is going around telling people he is dying just to get donations please dont let them get u ur doing a great job n thanks for helping this may not be the place to express my feelings but just remember the names god bless from someone who cares

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