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New Bedford woman seeks Good Samaritan who helped save mom after stroke while driving


“An open letter to the person who called 911. (Skip this post if you don’t want to read a sappy letter and/or be a little sad). Please feel free to share this so I can hopefully find the person who helped my mom.

To the person who called 911 on October 7, 2020,

I’m sure when you woke up in the morning on Wednesday you did not expect to have to call emergency services for a complete stranger. You did not expect to be a hero and save someone’s life. Most people would have driven on by, but instead, you listened to your heart and you stopped to help my mom. In the time of COVID, where everyone is scared, you stopped to help a complete stranger. Despite not knowing what was happening, what was wrong, or what she may or may not have had, you did the right thing, when many people would not have. By calling 911 when she rolled into the intersection of Purchase Street (I believe) & Sawyer Street in New Bedford, you saved her.

Due to your immediate decision to help, you saved my moms life. You allowed the emergency medical team to help her within 45 minutes of the stroke. Because of your fast acting, and your compassion and kindness, my mom got the help she needed as soon as she possibly could. She did not have to wait, alone and unconscious in her car. She got the help she needed right away. We think the stroke happened between 1:45 and 2:00 in the afternoon on Wednesday, and by 2:30, she was on her way to the emergency room, if she hadn’t already arrived, because of you.

My mom, of course, still has a long way to go. We don’t know what the future holds, and we don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but because of you, she has a tomorrow. Because of you, she has the chance to fight. Because of you, I can still tell my mom I love her and hold her hand. I wish I knew who you were so that I could thank you properly. I thank God every day for you. I pray that God blesses you abundantly. My mom, if she could, would say that God put you on earth for a reason, and that you were her angel that day. She would say that her guardian angels put you in her path.

I’ve been wanting to write this letter for a while, but I couldn’t find the right words to say. I’ve realized that there are no right words to say, just the ones that are on my heart. So to keep it simple, thank you. You are an angel on earth. You are a hero, and you deserve all the good things that this world has to offer.

A grateful daughter.
samantha_cusson@yahoo.com” -Samantha Valles.

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