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New Bedford Senator Montigny votes to make Massachusetts a sanctuary state


In a Senate bill that Governor Baker has promised to veto if it came across his desk, the Massachusetts State Senate passed a bill that “prohibits law enforcement officers from inquiring about a person’s immigration status and from cooperating with ICE to detain an illegal immigrant.”

Basically, it’s a bill that would make Massachusetts a Sanctuary State. Montigny’s fellow Bristol County State Senators Marc Pacheco, and Michael Rodrigues voted against the bill. The bill passed 25-13.

Governor Baker explained it to the Boston Herald:

“I don’t support it and I would veto it if it ends up coming to my desk,” Baker said after a Memorial Day event on Boston Common. “I’ve said many times that I think decisions like this belong with local law enforcement.”

“I do not believe the state should be stepping into this. And I especially don’t believe that we should pass legislation that makes it impossible for the state of Massachusetts – with criminals who are currently in our prisons and have been convicted of terrible crimes and may be here illegally – that we should not be allowed to talk to the feds. I think that’s ridiculous and outrageous and I don’t support it,” Baker said.

What are your thoughts? Do you support Montigny’s yes vote or Governor Baker and State Senators Marc Pacheco, and Michael Rodrigues?

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  1. Time for Sen. “do nothing” Montigny to go. You can also ball up Rep “ no veracity” Antonio Cabral. These guys need to go. I’m a taxpayer and these illegals are not. They tie up are justice systems causing us tax payers to fork up the money.
    Don’t even get me started on the health care system.
    Massachusetts needs more red blood on beacon hill.

    These hacks are giving themselves 60%-70% raises. Pathetic.
    They say they are for the poor. BS. All they do is increase taxes to give it away to people who don’t/ can’t vote. Tired of this approach. Wake up Massachusetts. Vote Republican.

    E. Warren…. I should have ran against her. These is our representatives. Wow. Wake up America.

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