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New Bedford resident warns public of regular coyote visit to neighborhood


On top of this resident’s advice Massachusetts officials have frequently shared sage advice that will likely be ignored until someone gets injured. Sadly, that someone will likely be a child since the coyotes will seek out a smaller target that they think they can defeat. PLEASE clean up after yourselves! Stop being slobs! You will be the reason a wild, hungry, animal will come into areas where people are, as they are otherwise shy animals.


“Hi! This morning another resident was pulling over to tell people at Buttonwood Park that there’s been a coyote coming out between 5:30-6 am around the park and has begun to approach people and pets.

Helpful information online states if you see a coyote near you that is approaching- do not to retreat but chase them away by carrying a noise maker, being as loud as possible, clapping, or throwing small sticks or stones (the intent is to scare and NOT injure).

If that fails, retreat slowly. Do not create conflict where conflict does not exist if the coyote is avoiding you/your pet. Call animal control/police. Wanted to share this information to other residents.

If you could share it would be great I feel like this info could be helpful 🙂 I didn’t personally see the animal but it does look like Sept-Nov is the time where coyotes are seen in New England.” -Steph Pex. –

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  1. Coyotes seem to be more of a problem each season, and interactions more frequent. In fact, this is the mating season, and coyotes are more visible than any other time of the year. Really, we should be more concerned with bears in Massachusetts, which have a 7-8% growth rate. Right now we have about 5000, and 500 a year plus added
    Coyotes are dangerous, particularly to pets, and seem to be getting more aggressive. Unfortunately, the more you attempt to eradicate them, the easier they spring back. If you frequently encounter them, carry pepper spray or bear mace. Do not approach them. Be loud. Do not run away. Walk. Pick up a stick, or two, and spread your arms. Mass Wildlife should put a bounty out, or expand methods of extermination. Relocating is not an option.
    Len Kahle, Hunting Western Mass. @fb

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