City of New Bedford Police Department photo.

New Bedford Police SRO ventures into realm of “Hollywood” fame by starring in several movies


“Despite all of our officers shining like stars, one in particular has ventured into the realm of “Hollywood” fame.

Recently, news broke out about the NBPD’s very own School Resource Officer Shane Harris starring in the new “Challengers” movie, which hit theaters in April.

While mentoring two students to follow their goals and dreams, Harris had made a bet that if they got their grades up in school and worked hard in the Air Force Program, he would do whatever they wanted. Little did he know that a bet he started between himself and two students 5 years ago would lead him to follow his own dreams…

City of New Bedford Police Department photo.

Harris has always wanted to be an actor, and since 2020, he has starred in several movies, TV shows, and commercials. But before even auditioning for a role, he wanted to see what it would be like to work on set. When he heard that a scene from the 2019 movie “Jungleland” starring Charlie Hunnam and Jack O’Connell would be filmed in New Bedford, he called his friend who owned a Security Company to pick up some part-time shifts as a security guard.

Shane’s acting career began when he landed his first on-screen role as a Security Guard in the 2020 movie, Godmothered. He’s since been featured in the TV series Hightown as the Deputy Sherrif, has been a featured guest on Pause with Sam Jay, has played a detective in the 2023 movie Boston Strangler, played alongside Mark Cubin as an investigator in Good Burger 2, and is most known for his most recent role as Zendaya’s Security Guard in Challengers. He also has done commercials for Amazon, Titleist, and Spectrum News.

What’s next for Ofc. Harris? Besides patrolling the hallways of Whaling City Jr. Sr. High School (which he does a FANTASTIC job at, by the way), you can also catch him in theaters this August as a Swatt Commander in Ben Affleck’s new movie “The Instigators” starring Matt Damon and Casey Affleck!

We’re so proud of you Ofc. Harris — we look forward to watching you on the big screen!”-City of New Bedford Police Department.

City of New Bedford Police Department photo.

City of New Bedford Police Department photo.

City of New Bedford Police Department photo.

City of New Bedford Police Department photo.

City of New Bedford Police Department photo.

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