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New Bedford police led on car pursuit, then foot chase after car catches fire


“? POLICE CHASE ? At around 10:25 pm Monday night the New Bedford Police were led on a car pursuit that turned into a foot pursuit after the suspect’s car caught on fire.

The pursuit in the city’s south end, weaved through Cove Road and Rockdale Avenue with speeds surpassing 75mph. At that point the police discontinued the chase to reduce the risk of injury to innocent citizens.

Reports of the vehicle’s whereabouts continued to come into dispatch who traced the vehicle onto 140 North where the car was spotted without a tire. At that point police spotted the vehicle again and did a “loose follow” as the car went onto 195 East where the vehice lost another tire.

Police continued the soft pursuit as the suspect drove onto 240 South into Fairhaven where the car caught on fire and slowed down to abour 30mph. Eventually the driver of the car slowed the car down enough to hop out and flee into the woods. Police followed the suspect into the woods where he was apprehended.

This story is a developing one and we will continue to update the story as more information comes in.

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