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New Bedford native Aaron Griffith heroically fighting devastating Maui fires; Want to help?


At the time of writing this, 96 individuals have lost their lives in the devastating Maui wild fires. Aaron Griffith, a New Bedford native, is one of the heroes risking their lives to stop the devastation and further loss of life.

Unfortunately, like many other victims of this tragedy Aaron has lost his home and all of his belongings. His sister gave insight to the situation on social media,

“On 8/9/23, my brother Aaron left home in Lahaina, Maui, for firefighting duty with only the clothes on his back and his firefighting equipment. Since that time, Maui has been absolutely devastated by wildfires, taking numerous lives and destroying timeless historical properties and homes – apocalyptic. Unfortunately, Aaron also lost his home and all his belongings while working tirelessly (& quite literally) carrying others to safety—a true hero.”

New Bedford native Aaron Griffith. Facebook photo.

You can help Aaron by donating to a Fundraiser organized by his family HERE. Any donation is highly appreciated.

Since the fundraiser went live, Aaron’s father was able to speak with him and gave us this update:

“We should all feel very proud of Aaron. His action of saving lives is nothing less than heroic. He carried elderly, women, children, and babies through streets, buildings, and hallways to safety while surrounded by flames and exploding cars, with dead human and animal bodies in the streets.

He carried a baby thrust into his arms by a woman, sheltering it from the heat, smoke, and flames; he saved them all. He found 40 people while looking for two screaming in a pool for safety and led them to safety.

He also found and rescued victims out of the water with severely burned flesh but very much alive, wrapping them in medical blankets and carrying them to safety. The stories went on and on and on. It sounded like Armageddon. Absolutely incredible!!!”

Again, any donation will make a difference, please CLICK HERE to visit the fundraiser page.

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