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New Bedford man makes it on ESPN’s ‘Turkey Bowl Top Plays’ with hilarious juke


Ben Mello and Wayne Oliver made it on ESPN during the “Turkey Bowl Top Plays” segment on Thanksgiving. Coming in at #3 on the list you can see Ben Mello stopping on a dime as if he was Lamar Jackson himself, sending his buddy on a journey to find his own ankles.

Here is the video of the juke:

“We recently did a flag football game to raise money for the Pacheco Center in #Dartmouth which helps children with autism and raised over $1200. We also had a play from the game make it onto ESPN this morning.” said Sean Cote.

If you want to watch the Top 5 segment which consists of NFL legends Randy Moss, Teddy Bruschi, Alex Smith, and Rex Ryan laughing and analyzing the plays, CLICK HERE.

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