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New Bedford High School Drama Club Presents Romeo & Juliet


by Jamie Roballo

The New Bedford High School Drama Club is proud to present their production of William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” with performances December 1st and 2nd at 8 and 3rd at 2.
This is a classic play, arguably Shakespeare’s most famous, and its beautiful and timeless story is still relevant today. The rivalry between House Capulet and House Montague, the fervor of the fights, the passionate love at first sight between our titular hero and heroine, are all still as palpable and effective as they were five hundred years ago. Everyone knows the story, and each time reading or watching it brings on a new feeling of hope, excitement, futility, and awe as the familiar plot progresses, spiraling ever downwards. Some may argue that Romeo and Juliet is a love story, some may say that it’s a tragedy or an example, but regardless, it’s a play that leaves everyone speechless.

Sarah Cadieux Pacheco, the NBHS Theatre Teacher and Drama Club Co-Director, explains the ideas behind this production. “Our inspiration in tackling such a well-known piece has been to not only modernize, but to put our own spin on the presentation- much like a contemporary artist does with a cover song. Audience members will notice cover songs of well-known music interspersed throughout the show.”
A question that comes up often when you think of Romeo and Juliet- is it really the beautiful love story it’s portrayed as, or is it merely a cautionary tale? Says Caitlyn Hodges, “I feel as if it’s a love story, because they’re so deeply in love that they decide they can’t live without each other…it may be insane, but insanity is love.” Caitlyn plays the Apothecary. Sara Cravo, Lady Montague, however, has a differing opinion.

“I think [Romeo and Juliet] is a tragedy, because it’s the story of two families who can’t get along…it’s sad because the ending is inevitable, and the whole story is spent fighting against destiny.”
Why should you come and see Romeo and Juliet? According to Zara Lemieux, Drama Club president, “It’s not really as sacred as people think…it’s a lot crasser and a lot funnier. It doesn’t need to be taken so seriously…it’s a fun time.” Jakob Braz, Benvolio, says, “People should come see the show because of all the work and dedication that we’ve put into it, and the talent of the students.”
Tickets for “Romeo & Juliet” are available at the NBHS Bronspiegel Auditorium Box Office beginning 30 minutes before each performance.

Ticket reservations are accepted by emailing scadieux@newbedfordschools.org. Drama Club students involved in the production include: Zara Lemieux, Jaden Borden, Ethan Bousquet, Sara Cravo, Seth Sweeney, Jakob Braz, Ashley Cowles, Jayden Lima, Joshua Botelho, Eva Watts-Pine, Madison Ashworth, Trevor Lopes, Leah Leahy, Britney Soares, Jamie Roballo, Caitlin Hodges, Laura Conde, Maxine Duarte, Ricardo Alvira, Jasmine Garrick, Isabel Almy-Daigle, Rhyan Ramos, Taryn Padilla, Akissi Konan, Megan Lima, Quinn Mulvey, Claire Morck, Pearl Racine, Hailey Duarte, Devin Duarte, Maranda Gray, Joseph Martin, Kaycee Langlois, Gianalis Estrella, and Cheyenne Rodriguez. The production is co-directed by Sarah Cadieux Pacheco and Aaron Valente.

December 1-2 at 8pm
December 3 at 2pm

Tickets available at the door. General Seating.

$10 students/seniors
$12 adults.

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/118500942149281/


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