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New Bedford and Dartmouth Recycling giveaway to help residents make less trash at home


Win Products and Reduce Waste!

We’re giving away items such as a low waste laundry kit, reusable notebook, and reusable produce bags to help residents of New Bedford and Dartmouth make less trash at home.

Dartmouth and New Bedford, MA – Have you considered reducing waste in your home with a shampoo bar or a Stasher reusable sandwich bag? Here’s your chance to win such an item in a series of monthly giveaways from the Greater New Bedford Regional Refuse Management District.

“It’s easy to enter each giveaway by completing a Google form. Even if you don’t win, these giveaways may introduce you to useful and durable products that reduce waste.” notes Marissa Perez-Dormitzer, Waste Reduction Manager from the Greater New Bedford Regional Refuse Management District.

The following is a summary of the schedule for the monthly giveaways:

• August 1st: low waste laundry kit with wool dryer balls by Niceeday, powdered laundry soap, and a metal scoop by Meliora Cleaning Products.
• September 1st: reusable sandwich and snack bag by Stasher.
• October 1st: low waste cleaning kit with Swedish dishcloths by It’s SENAH, reusable glass spray bottle, and cleaning product by Meliora Cleaning Products.
• November 1st: reusable notebook by Rocketbook.
• December 1st: shampoo and conditioner bar set by HiBAR.
January 1st: reusable bag by ChicoBag.
• February 1st: reusable metal water bottle by Thermos.
• March 1st: six reusable cotton produce bags by Cottify.

On the first day of each month, the link to an online entry form will be posted on gnbrrmdistrict.org, on our two Facebook pages – New Bedford Recycling and Dartmouth Recycling, on Instagram @newbedfordrecycling and on Twitter @NBRecycling.

To enter one of the giveaways, residents will need to complete the entry form by the 8th of that month. Residents must provide responses to questions such as how a specific giveaway item would help to reduce waste in their home. Entrants must provide their name, city/town, email, and phone number so that we may contact the winners.

You must be at least 18 years old to participate. For each giveaway, we’ll randomly select at least three winners from New Bedford and three winners from Dartmouth from those who submit a complete entry form. When prizes are picked up, each winner will need to show proof of residency. Please note that once a resident wins an item, they are no longer eligible to win any other prizes in this series of giveaways from August 2021 through March 2022.

Employees of the following entities are NOT eligible to enter: City of New Bedford Department of Facilities and Fleet Management, Town of Dartmouth Department of Public Works, and the Greater New Bedford Regional Refuse Management District.

Thanks to our sponsors Meliora Cleaning Products and HiBAR for offering their products at a discounted price for the giveaway.

For more information, contact the Greater New Bedford Regional Refuse Management District by email at Marissa@gnbrrmdistrict.org or by phone at (508) 979-1493.

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