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City of New Bedford acquires equipment for detecting nuclear terrorist, radiological threats


“In a significant stride toward enhancing safety and security, the City of New Bedford has acquired state-of-the-art radiological detection equipment, thanks to the Securing the Cities (STC) program funded by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO).

The STC program, spanning five years, is a vital initiative aimed at reducing the risk of radiological/ nuclear terrorist threats against major metropolitan areas within the U.S. Its mission is to establish sustainable capabilities within Global Nuclear Detection Architecture (GNDA) partner agencies, enabling them to effectively detect, analyze, and report nuclear and radioactive materials that may be out of regulatory control within their respective jurisdictions.

“I hope that we’ll never be in a position where we have to use this equipment,” said Mayor Jon Mitchell. “But if the situation arises, our police and fire departments will have access to it to keep our residents safe.”

New Bedford holds a pivotal role as a bustling metropolitan hub. It boasts a regional airport, a thriving maritime port that welcomes vessels from across the globe, and a soon-to-be passenger rail service.

The recent acquisition of radiological detection equipment equips both the New Bedford Fire Department and the City of New Bedford Police Department to respond effectively to potential radiological emergencies. These cutting-edge detection units will be integrated into marine units of both departments, as well as other primary response vehicles and personnel, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

The City has received 20 Personal Radiation Detectors and 6 vehicle mount kits, accompanied by a comprehensive training program encompassing both online and in-person components. In total, this equipment represents an investment of $60,000 in bolstering the City’s emergency preparedness.

Hazard Materials Coordinator Firefighter Travis Rebello played a pivotal role in securing this vital equipment. He will lead the training efforts, ensuring that the City’s first responders are proficient in the use and maintenance of this equipment.

This investment exemplifies the Mitchell Administration’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding the community and fortifying its resilience in the face of potential radiological threats. Through collaboration with the STC program, the City continues to prioritize the safety and security of its residents and visitors alike.”-City of New Bedford.

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