Neighbors in New Bedford raise concern over man frequently wandering into busy intersection


A man who is frequently seen wandering into busy intersections of New Bedford attempting to stop vehicles, is beginning to worry neighboring residents. In a video posted by an anonymous member of the New Bedford Facebook group, concern was raised over the mans safety.

“So I understand that a lot of people have said this man is harmless and clearly suffering from some mental health issues. However… how long before he gets seriously, seriously hurt from doing this? He tries to stop vehicles by getting in their direct path, and then begs for money.

It’s a weekly occurrence. It always ends with the local business screaming at him, vehicles either screeching to a halt or speeding around him and running the intersection, and it’s going to either cause an accident or someone’s going to run him over – or someone will feel threatened enough by him approaching their vehicle and react (rightfully) aggressively.

Law enforcement is well aware, and they seemingly shrug it off. I don’t get it. He needs help or at the very least, better supervision.”

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  1. His name is Willie Pierce

  2. Location of this male

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