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Massachusetts State Troopers arrest man trafficking narcotics


Just before midnight on Tuesday September 15, Trooper Brad Beckles was on patrol with Trooper Christopher Loftus, assigned to State Police-Charlton, on Route 90 in Auburn. As they were stationary observing traffic at the interchange of Route 290 they observed a black Dodge Charger pass their location with extremely loud exhaust. They also noticed the windows on the Dodge appeared to have illegal window tint applied to them. Trooper Beckles entered traffic and caught up to the vehicle, eventually stopping it on the Exit 10 ramp.

Upon the vehicle stopping, both Troopers approached it and identified the operator as MATTHEW DERAT, 20, of Boston. Trooper Beckles observed a large plume of smoke emanating from within the vehicle once DERAT rolled his windows down. Additionally the Troopers detected an odor of Marijuana and observed several signs of narcotics activity.

DERAT was removed from the vehicle in order to undergo field sobriety testing. While he exited the driver’s seat, Trooper Beckles observed a small clear plastic bag, with a substance he suspected to be illegal narcotics, drop onto the seat. After subsequent questioning and investigation on scene the Troopers located approximately 20 grams of a substance suspected to be Fentanyl, 20 grams of a substance suspected to be Cocaine, 80 grams of a substance suspected to be Heroin, and nearly 700 grams of a substance suspected to be Marijuana. Also located were numerous items commonly used in the sale and distribution of illegal narcotics, along with nearly $5,000 in cash.

DERAT was transported to State Police-Charlton for booking. A bail commissioner was contacted and set bail at $15,000. He was set to be arraigned at Worcester District Court on the following offenses:

1. Trafficking in Fentanyl;
2. Trafficking in Heroin;
3. Trafficking in Cocaine;
4. Possession of a Class D Substance with Intent to Distribute;
5. Illegal Window Tint; and
6. Vehicle Equipment Violation.

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