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Knuckleheads Facebook photo.

Man tips New Bedford bartenders with $5 scratch ticket and they hit big!


They won how much??? Is what a man might be saying to himself right now after he tipped a couple scratch tickets to the hard working bartenders at Knuckleheads Bar and Grill in New Bedford. A $5 scratch ticket he gave them ended up hitting for $10,000!

Knuckleheads posted on social media, “Congratulations To These 2, a Customer gave them 2 Scratch Tickets as a Tip, $10,000 later they are Still Smiling. Well Deserved for all Their Hard Work. Congratulations Girls.”

Tons of customers commented on social media noting that it couldn’t have happened to better people, one customer wrote “Congratulations ladies, they work hard their and have great customer service!”

One would assume that the girls will split it 50/50, but the question is…should they tip the man who tipped them? This was asked on the original Facebook post where the man who posted the photo wrote back, “trust me he was well taking care of”.

Make sure you stop by Knuckleheads at 85 MacArthur Drive in New Bedford to grab some food & drinks and congratulate the girls on the big win!

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