Former Taunton Man Convicted of Child Rapes Sentenced to Decades in Prison


Bristol County District Attorney Thomas M. Quinn III today announced that a 57-year-old former Taunton man has been convicted at trial of a slew of child sexual assault charges, and was sentenced to serve up to four decades in state prison.

After a five day trial in Fall River Superior Court earlier this month, a jury of his peers convicted Paul Mealy of two counts of rape of a child with force, two counts of rape of a child, one count of rape and one count of indecent assault and battery of a person under 14. Mr. Mealy was convicted on September 20th and was sentenced this past Friday by Superior Court Judge Rene Dupuis.

It was proven at trial that the defendant raped a female relative of his about two to three times every week for 15 years. The victim was between the ages of 5 years old and 20 years old when the rapes occurred, from 1984 through the year 2000, in the City of Taunton.

In 2014, the victim came forward and told Taunton Police about the sexual assaults. The defendant was arrested shortly after the disclosure was made to police. The defendant was residing in Colrain at the time of his arrest. Taunton Police Detectives Lynne Pino and Randy DeMello were crucial to the investigation and eventual conviction at trial.

The case was prosecuted by Second Assistant District Attorney Silvia Rudman and Assistant District Attorney Casey Smith.

During the sentencing hearing, prosecutors argued for the 30 to 40 year prison sentence, while the defendant requested a six to 10 year prison sentence.

In addition to the lengthy state prison sentence, Judge Dupuis also placed the defendant on probation for 40 years. The terms of his probation include:

  1. The defendant shall attend sex offender treatment at his own expense as directed by the Probation Officer and as ordered by the court, at a program approved by the Probation Department, and shall remain in treatment unless and until professionally discharged by the approved sex offender therapist.
  2. The defendant shall not reside in a household with minor children.
  3. The defendant shall have no unsupervised contact with minor children.
  4. The defendant shall have no supervised contact with minor children unless and until the supervisor has been approved in advance by the Probation Officer and informed by Probation Officer of the offense for which the defendant is on probation and of any other sexual offense for which the defendant has been found, or has plead guilty.
  5. The defendant shall not be employed in a job that puts him/her into contact with minor children on a regular basis and all employment must be approved in advance by the Probation Officer.

In an effort to protect the victim’s identity, this office will not disseminate any other facts about the case.

“I’d like to thank the jury for their verdict in this difficult case. I have nothing but admiration and respect for the victim’s perseverance in this case. She was abused by a relative for 15 years, which was an incredible breach of love and trust,” said District Attorney Quinn. “It’s very difficult to testify against a relative, and I commend her for that. The defendant deserved this lengthy state prison sentence, which will keep him imprisoned most likely for the rest of his life.”

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