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Local Seafood: Eat-Up Healthy Omega-3!


New Bedford is one of the best spots on earth to reap the benefits of seafood in your diet!

Omega-3 fatty acids are rampant buzz-words in the health community, but what’s the big deal? “Fatty” and “acids” doesn’t exactly sound like substances for wellness, but, in fact, they are essential to the body. The human body, however, is not able to create Omega-3 fatty acids—so we must get them from food sources, such as local seafood that is loaded with the powerful good stuff.

Researchers have been studying the health benefits of Omega-3 for a while now. Back in 2010, a study showed how it prevents heart disease, a finding that is now “well established.” It prevents hardening and clogging of the arteries, reduces the risk of stroke, and prevents abnormal heart beats from occurring in those who have already suffered from a heart attack. Another study in 2011 published by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition examined how the consumption of Omega-3 helps the body synthesize protein and can prevent the muscle-loss (sarcopenia) associated with the aging process.

Want to lower your risk of cancer and diabetes? Eat Omega-3. Want to improve your cognitive abilities? Ditto—these fatty acids actually build cell membranes in the brain. The research goes on and on, with Omega-3 being linked to lowering blood pressure, treating depression, alleviating joint pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis, decreasing cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and reducing all sorts of body inflammation. The stuff has health benefits for everything from Alzheimer’s disease and asthma to ADHA and prenatal care! Pregnant women who eat sufficient amounts of Omega-3 ensure that their babies develop proper vision and even nerves. Whether you want a brain-boost or an energy boost, eating local seafood is the way to go!

From MSG to GMOs, FD&C dyes that have been banned in other countries, the flammable BHT and sodium nitrate (a substance used to make fireworks!) found in processed foods, Americans consume hordes of fats, proteins, and chemicals that are flat-out unhealthy: case in point—McDonald’s “pink slime.” While convenience is important, if you really think about what you’re eating, there are more important things to consider than convenience.

Plus, most Americans don’t get enough Omega-3 in their diets. Fatigue, dry skin, mood swings, bad memory, and poor circulation are all signs of not getting enough Omega-3. After reading about the powerful health benefits of Omega-3, you may be tempted to go buy Omega-3 supplements. While not a bad idea, remember that foods high in these fatty acids are often rich in other nutrients and vitamins that your body needs and may be deprived of as well.

Go for local seafood at least three times per week, and give yourself an extra boost by consuming flax seed, spinach, Brussels sprouts, and walnuts that are also high in Omega-3s. If you’re on a budget and in a hurry, try a fish sandwich or lobster roll at Cyd’s Creative Kitchen, or get seafood with an Asian flare delivered right to your door by Wok ‘n Roll. For home cooking, The Fisherman’s Market, Kyler’s Catch Seafood Market, and Amaral’s Fish Market all located in New Bedford, offer great weekly specials on seafood.

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