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Lakeville, MA Fire Department photo.

Lakeville Fire Department receives new Life Line “Superliner” ambulance


“The Life Line “Superliner” Ford F550 4×4 will go into service this week and begin serving the Town as “A-3” or Ambulance 3.

The Department wishes to thank the community for providing this new platform for the delivery of EMS services. On average, this vehicle will respond out to 4.1 medical emergencies every 24 hours.

Lakeville, MA Fire Department photo.

Our 7-year-old Ambulance -1 will be rotated back to reserve status and will only be used when one of the other ambulances is out for service.

Did you know??? Lakeville Paramedics and EMTs generate roughly $1 million in revenue annually back to the Town. Revenue goes into the general fund, but does offset the equivalent of 70% of our operations budget.

Due to improvements in the management of EMS billing and documentation, EMS revenue has increased 112% since 2018.

Amazingly, we have managed to reduce the burden of our operations budget by more than $313,000 in that time. Meaning that our revenue generation has grown faster than our budget, reducing the taxpayer burden.”-Lakeville, MA Fire Department.

Lakeville, MA Fire Department photo.

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