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“It’s hard to upgrade a broken phone”


Like clockwork there are new, better and sleeker versions of smart phones on the horizon. The age old question is always do I upgrade or do I make due with I have. If you’re thinking of upgrading it’s important to note that in many cases that you must have a working, functional phone in order to qualify for a new device

Phones with physical damage are automatically disqualified from an upgrade with most carriers. Do you have a cracked frame? Missing parts? A busted screen. All of those things might need to be fixed before you can get new device.

It’s important fix these common problems:

– A damaged case/ frame
– Broken Screen
– Excessive modification
– Missing keys or buttons
– A broken camera lens
– Unapproved additions.

Is your phone so broken that you can’t even really use it as a phone? Have you been suffering with a busted screen for months? That includes things like a completely busted display and not just the glass, but the entire screen — or extensive water damage, a shattered camera lense, or maybe broken internal parts that keep it from functioning in even the most basic way. If so, there may be no way to save it. It’s good to have options.

Checking the repair sites mentioned above is always a good idea, but if it’s going to cost almost as much to repair it as it would to simply replace it, go ahead and upgrade, simply because you’ll likely get a new warranty against further damage.

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