Brick Pizzeria makes pizza with one of the most important ingredients of all: love!

Five of the Best Pizzas in Greater New Bedford


I know just the very concept of stating the best of anything is to step on a lot of toes. So, suffice it to say I will offer the same disclaimer: this is my opinion and I am not stating it as an objective fact. I know that with pizza things can take on almost a religious-like perspective – I don’t want to trigger any pizza rage! If your favorite pizza isn’t on this list, it doesn’t mean I dislike it, it’s just that this is what I prefer. Perhaps, I’ve never even had it!

Which brings up the point of this article: by sharing my favorites, I may turn you on to something you’ve never had and you’ll share your difference of opinion and bring to light something that I have never tasted. So, that means everyone gets pizza. What’s wrong with that?

The first mention of each restaurant’s name under its title is a link that will take you to more information on that particular establishment in case you are salivating and your body is ready. By all means, let us know who you prefer if they differ! Here are mine in no particular order:

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  1. Yea-Yia’s is the best around

  2. My Take:

    Brick: better than average Pizza, great ingredients, Great Service; and thanks to their famous oven the fastest cooked pizza in New Bedford (Sorry Riccardi’s). However they create Too Much crust, Don’t get it for take out or the steam will build up in the box and the crust will lose its fantastic crunch.

    Yia-Yia’s: Great for Variety and Range of toppings. Fantastic Size. A little over the top with the amount of all the toppings. It is a messy, borderline sloppy pizza if that is your thing. You will not go hungry.

    Libad’s Tavern: I have often wondered how the pizza is. It looked good on the tv show. My Girlfriend, went they once and didn’t like it so she will not let me go there. We go to Jimmy’s instead who has only gotten better and better with time. Nice to see them carrying on the family tradition!

    Fay’s: A great thin crust pizza. The crust has that fantastic crunch. The only problem is they are the opposite of Brick. Don’t do the spur of the moment take out order cause you will wait the full 20 minutes & then some if it is busy.

    Cork: I’m sure it tastes great but I have never had it. I can’t handle what is for me extremely uncomfortable seating and don’t want to deal with its location concerning parking. If it is like some of their other dishes I have had you may not be satisfied with the amount. I can get a great flatbread pizza at Not Your Average Joe’s in more comfortable seating. Parking at Joe’s however can rough during peak times as well.

    Hey Pizza is great any way you slice it. I rotate orders on a variety of factors:
    These guys cannot be left out:
    Riccardi’s: Quick, Great Sauce & Crust, Very Affordable Cheese Pizza; Expensive Toppings
    Ma Raffa’s: Cheap, now more flexible with discounts & toppings—thanks Dominos
    Jimmy’s: (in Dartmouth (across from the Mall) sweet sauce, great crust, a little pricey but filling
    Nick’s in Mattapoisett: Awesome Crust, Great pizza, Good Amount, a little pricey as well
    Pasta House: Good Pizza, Great Indredients, Crust is Great, but it falls short somewhere I just can’t pinpoint it.

    Thanks for reading my 2 Slices worth!

    • Thanks for commenting Dave – I gobbled it all up!

      A lot of readers, personal friends included, let me know who I missed. If I made it 10 or more everyone else’s favorites would have made it. I love Riccardi’s, Ma Raffa’s, Jimmy’s, Jeffrey’s (Acushnet), Pasta House and Nick’s too. Once upon a time Not Your Average Joe’s would have made it, but after a few bad experience I don’t order the pizza there any more. Great food, just not a fan of their pizza.

  3. Let’s not forget where it all began in New Bedford. The first pizzas were called tomato pies. There was no American cheese on them and they were served with a shaker of parmesan cheese for those wanted a little additional flavor.
    The location was the Palisade Cafe on the southeast corner of Purchase St and Wamsutta St. It was owned by Emma Enos and they specialized in Northern Italian food. My Mother was a waitress there after WWII.
    Shortly after the Palisade introduced pizza to New Bedford, The Depot ,Barbero’s and Zola’s changed the way people ate in New Bedford. They were only a few toppings (mushrooms,onions,peppers,sausage, pepperoni anchovy) and of course linguica was first non-italian topping.. Some places called it apizza. especially the Italians in Providence and CT.

  4. Pa. Raffa’s can’t beat it…!!

  5. The ghost of pizza past,Barbaro’s and the Nest.

  6. Ray’s on Acushnet Ave, at Lund’s Corner (next block north of where the Knotty Pine used to be). Ray used to make the pizza at the Knotty Pine. It’s my personal favorite of all pizza places in this area. Give it a try.

    • I agree rays kicks ass who ever did this best 5 pizzas didn’t go every where

      • And you didn’t read the article. Literally the first paragraph:

        “…this is my opinion and I am not stating it as an objective fact. I know that with pizza things can take on almost a religious-like perspective – I don’t want to trigger any pizza rage! If your favorite pizza isn’t on this list, it doesn’t mean I dislike it, it’s just that this is what I prefer. “

  7. The chicken Mozambique pizza at Top Shelf is worth trying! Thin grilled crust topped with chicken, shrimp, rice and cheese in Mozambique sauce. Seriously. Amazing.

  8. Wicked Pizza in Acushnet ,wicked good!!!!!!

  9. Rays pizza is the best pizza by a long short no conpatition GREAT

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