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Fairhaven teen charged with placing explosive device on driveway


james dillonThe Fairhaven Police and Fire Departments responded to 6 Jeanette Street at 8:30 Wednesday morning after a suspicious device was located in the driveway at that location. When first responders arrived, they were informed that a plastic bottle, containing an unknown liquid substance was in the driveway concealed under a wheel barrow.

The Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad responded and examined the device. They determined the device was in fact dangerous and could inflict property damage and personal injury if it exploded. The bomb squad detonated the device in place without incident, injury or property damage.

Further investigation revealed the device had been placed in the driveway by 18 year old James Dillon of Fairhaven. Dillon admitted to placing the device in the driveway at approximately 10:30 the previous night. He was arrested by Fairhaven Police and charged with placing an explosive device upon property. Dillon was arraigned in Third District Court Wednesday afternoon.

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  1. This whole article is a load of shit you people twist the fucking truth so bad, smh y’all should be fired.

  2. Well that well spoken comment made me believe you were innocent. Your mom must be real proud!

  3. Hmmm I saw the police cars heading that way at precisely that time and the mug shot shows you were clearly arrested so what part is a load of shit? Did you really put it there at 11:20? Grow up kid! You could have hurt someone.

  4. Twisting the truth? Are you a f-ing idiot? We are still dealing with the Boston marathon bombing and you are now being compared to it on national news websites. Are you two? No, your 18 and going to be convicted as an adult. And used as an example. You don’t understand the ramifications of your actions. You will come sentencing. You really will come shower time…

  5. Fun fact I read the report and it was completely different then this bullshit.

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