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Evo Systems, LLC is located at 1 Chace Rd. Unit 9, East Freetown. Phone: 774.202.2869.

In this day and age, a vast number of the population utilizes and relies heavily upon technology. We are more “connected” than ever and the demand does not seem to be slowing down one…megabyte…er, iota.

Our smart-phones, tablets and computers keep us instantly connected with friends and family – and maintain our businesses. We find out the latest news about our neighborhood, country or beyond. We get updates on the most recent scientific discoveries as they happen and access to our databases, inventory and general ledgers. Our devices are store-houses of photo albums of our fondest memories. We record the important people in our lives, momentous events, places we’ve been to and eaten at, selfies, etc.

Marcus hard at work resolving a customer’s hardware problem.

So it goes without saying, having those devices “down,” inoperable, or not functioning at their best, puts a real damper on things. Getting a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), malware, virus, or having a device that is unresponsive or moves at a snail’s pace is a real bummer. Life stalls, and we want to get back on track as soon as possible.

Because of the importance of these devices and the role they play in everyday life, wouldn’t it be nice to have a go-to guy that knows exactly what the problem is when they arise and then repairs it quickly? Imagine someone who can finish your sentence as you are describing your issue. Someone that not only does that, but tells you right then and there that they not only know what the problem is, but know how to fix it and when you can come back and get your device.

We use a lot of technology in this day and age. Even an hour without one of our devices is a serious hit. It’s one we can’t afford. We need someone that we can trust our data with, that will get us back up and running as fast as possible, and without breaking the bank.

Evo Systems is the area’s premier computer repair and maintenance facility. Josh, Joe, Matt, and Marcus are the guys to trust to get the freight train back on track. They consistently handle the worst that you can throw at them and it’s obvious they have something personal with technological breakdowns. They see each one of our problems as a personal attack! They often joke about having something that can give them a genuine challenge, perhaps something they haven’t heard about yet.

“If you are not satisfied with our work, you don’t pay! That is their promise to our valued customers.”

While often they know straight away what the problem likely is, to be on the safe side, they run a full diagnostics overnight- which is ALWAYS free. Then they give you a call back telling you everything that they found, ask what it is that you want to do, and let you know how much it will be. You can then ask any questions you might have, give them consent to do the work, or say “No.” that you don’t want the work done. You don’t pay until you pick it up.

Josh, Joe, Matt, and Marcus are not just the employees, but they are the owners. We all know that it’s difficult to find really good staff – people who will be as passionate about the business as the owner is. What you get at Evo is that same passion and eagerness. They thoroughly understand how important each and every customer that walks through the door is.

They have such confidence in what they do that all of their services are guaranteed and their parts are warrantied. Combined they have over a half century of experience, and everyone is at a minimum is A+ certified, some have even more accreditation.

One of the points that they emphasized over and again is that it is best to be preventative about our technology. Don’t wait until the device completely stops working to bring it in. Regular maintenance – at least one a year – often turns out to be a wise decision, and one that ultimately costs you less. Get regular system tune-ups to catch a virus before it does real damage, close up security gaps that could lead to identity theft or data corruption/loss.

Ironically, this piece of advice is a proverbial “shooting oneself in the foot.” The guys at Evo Systems stand to make more money by repairing your defunct devices as opposed to cleaning and maintaining it at a cheaper rate.

The diagnostics area where all the magic happens.

In addition to offering state of the art computer diagnostics, virus and malware removal, system tune-ups, Evo Systems have new and refurbished notebook computers and desktops, and plenty of accessories. So you can not only get your computers repaired, but you can purchase some extras.

They are quite adept at upgrading hardware, doing full custom computer builds, do full security review and protection, networking design, maintenance and installation, and much, much more. Want to know more about what Evo Systems does? Go here for a full list of their services.

Evo Systems are also proud to give back to their community and are supporters of Youth Build and the Schwartz Center For Children.

If you have a computer that just seems to hate you and refuses to co-operate, need IT solutions for your business, feel you have a computer virus, or just genuinely stumped – give Evo Systems a call, so you can say goodbye to those computer blues!

Evo Systems, LLC
1 Chace Rd. Unit 9
East Freetown, Massachusetts, 02717
Phone: (774) 202-2869
Email: support@thinkevo.com
Mon – Fri: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sat: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Facebook: facebook.com/EvoSystems
Website: thinkevo.com/

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