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Dartmouth Police Department photo.

Dartmouth Police Department finds bag of syringes in drug dropbox



During a recent clean-out of our drug dropbox, I came across this bag of syringes.

After calling whoever it was that left them in there a few choice names, I decided that I could also use this as yet ANOTHER reminder that we DO NOT accept syringes.

To better assist, there is, and always has been, a sign attached to the top of the box (which we have posted pictures of here several times), which clearly states what is and is not accepted.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pay close attention to the sign when you come in, as we would hate to have to stop offering this valuable public service, which allows us to safely and responsibly dispose of, on average, approximately 200 lbs. of unused and/or unwanted medication(s) per year!”-Dartmouth Police Department.

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