Crypto Advocate, Attorney, & Swansea Resident looking to challenge Elizabeth Warren in Senate race


John Deaton is taking a “serious look” at running as a Republican candidate against Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren. Deaton is a private attorney, a vocal advocate for the crypto industry, and a Swansea resident.

According to the Boston Globe, if Deaton runs, the Republican Party may be aiming not only at a direct victory over Warren in Massachusetts but also to engage her in a competitive race and prevent her from raising money for other candidates and causes.

Deaton was born in Detroit, is a former U.S Marine, and now owns Deaton Law Firm in Providence, Rhode Island. With over 300,000 followers on twitter, he is a leading voice online in the Crypto community. He has also used his platform to point out his disagreements with Senator Warren.

Elizabeth Warren is known as one of Congress’ most prominent crypto skeptics, aggressively pushing legislation that cracks down on the industry. A spokesperson for Warren recently said in a statement.

“Senator Warren is taking nothing for granted. She has a strong record of delivering for working families and continues to fight hard for the people of Massachusetts,”.

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  1. I will not vote for any person who condones the use of Crypto Currency.
    This currency is not regulated and has no formal regulatory authority that
    would provide needed oversite of the currency and its users.
    Crypto has been used by drug cartels and terrorists groups because
    of it’s non regulatory use.

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