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Create Hands On – A kid’s wonderland of fun activities and memories!

Create Hands On is located across from the Food Court in the Dartmouth Mall (A Moment in Time Photography)

What are your funnest and fondest memories with your parents as a child? What activities do you do today with your kids that entertains them for hours? In the day and age of distractions, it gets increasingly more difficult to find activities that kids will voluntarily engage in. When kids are bored, they will reach for their smartphones, tablets or laptops and tune out. Any loving parent finds this a real challenge to overcome. We value and want to establish and maintain important connections with our children. We want to form fond memories and the lasting bonds these create. Of course, the earlier we can begin to do these things the better!

You will bring home much more than a memento – lasting memories!

Create Hands On is an innovate, fun, family-oriented experience that revolves around creating a number of high quality arts & crafts projects for boys and girls – whether as a drop-in visit or when you book one of their incredibly popular birthday parties. Not only is it an effortless and effective way to have fun and connect with your kids, but tapping into your child’s creative side his lifelong benefits! It’s also an opportunity for kid’s to practice their social skills – another important skill.

Proprietor of this ingenious concept, New Bedford native Mary Kelly absolutely adores kids and wholeheartedly understands the value in activities that families participate in together. Her inspiration comes from the powerful experience she had as a 7-year old when her parents took her to Disney World. It was a moment she would never forget and it’s this excitement that she hopes to convey with a visit to Create Hands On.

Seeing as there isn’t a Disney World or Disney Land here Create Hands On is the next best thing!

Imagine the look on your daughter or son’s face when he walks into a shop with gigantic, eye-bulging lollipops hanging from the ceiling, and ice cream decorated walls. Shelf upon shelf of ceramic sculptures of dinosaurs, dolphins, music clefs, donuts, butterflies, mermaids and scores more. Rubber balls, a full array of dazzling, sparkling jewelry, cars, and a zillion other toys. About to be stuffed animals with outfits. Wait until the gaze upon the Enchanted Ice Cave and wonder what mysteries it holds.

Oh my! Choices, choices!! (A Moment in Time Photography)

There are dozens of soaps with embedded toys, mosaics to build with all the trappings, and even a slew of diverse temporary tattoos.

Then they get a waft of the scented candle area – waves of birthday cake, pumpkin, vanilla, cotton candy, and more! All this and you haven’t even started yet – it’s just the beginning and what sets the tone for the experience and memories that are about to come. It’s maddening and exciting and if you aren’t a kid it will bring the kid out in you!

The next hour or so, you’ll enjoy the special bond with your son or daughter, share a bunch of laughs, and take great pleasure in seeing the sheer joy they take in creating something unique. I think they will especially like the part where they get to make a mess and not get in trouble! Best of all they get to take home a memento that will always remind them of their time spent with you.

Keep in mind that this is just a drop-in visit! Mary Kelly has special events like breakfast buffets with someone like a superhero or a Princess. There are incredibly popular canvas painting classes which start back up this Fall. Best of all is the Create Hands On function room where you can celebrate that all-important birthday party or special event. Best of all, is that you get all this with a staff that exudes energy and enthusiasm at an affordable price that won’t bust the wallet or purse. In fact, you can save even more and enjoy all kinds of special perks, discounts and privileges by becoming a VIP member.

Let your child’s creative juices kick in! (A Moment in Time Photography)

I’ve hyper-linked each of these categories in this paragraph for ease of access.

Where was this place when I was a kid!? I’m going to take my daughter this weekend and make her think it’s for her – I won’t need to pretend that I’m having fun!

Create Hands On is conveniently positioned next door to the Dartmouth Mall’s food court leaving you with all kinds of food, movie and shopping options. Parking? Clearly not an issue. Mary and staff are eagerly awaiting for you call or drop on in Wednesday through Sunday between noon and 5:30 pm. Create Hands On’s website allows you to explore all the possibilities, purchase VIP membership, contact, browse images, and easily reserve a party in seconds. The Facebook page has a large community and is regularly updated, vibrant and alive.

If you aren’t convinced yet, you can check out the hundreds of positive reviews and testimonials on her website and Facebook page. Then there are the pictures of smiling faces and happy families which is proof enough!

Create Hands On
200 Dartmouth Mall (Across From the Food Court)
Dartmouth, Massachusetts 02747
Wednesday-Sunday: 12:00pm-5:30pm
Phone: (508) 991-0047
Email: createhandson@yahoo.com

Website: createhandson.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/createhandson
Photo Album: facebook.com/createhandson/photos_stream

All photos unless where stated otherwise are courtesy of A Moment in Time Photography.

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