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A Walk with Cody the Coyote at the Buttonwood Park Zoo


New Bedford Guide visited the Buttonwood Park Zoo in New Bedford, Massachusetts and attached two GoPro cameras to Cody the Coyote. Here’s the video of Cody exploring the zoo. The video was made possible by the amazing staff at the Buttonwood Park Zoo and with he support of Ashley Ford.

About Cody

An orphaned coyote pup, now named Cody, came to the Buttonwood Park Zoo in July of 2014 from Minnesota. Cody was found at 4 weeks old and was bottle fed by a wildlife rehabilitator in order to survive. Since Cody has imprinted to humans, he can no longer be released into the wild and was welcomed to the Buttonwood Park Zoo.

Zoo staff spent several months acclimating Cody to his new surroundings with the goal of making him an animal ambassador for his species. Since coyotes are shy and skittish by nature, it took considerable time and effort to get Cody to become comfortable with all the sights and sounds of the zoo.

Visitors may now regularly see zoo staff and Cody out on walks exploring the zoo, educating visitors about coyotes, and allowing an up close look at one of the zoo’s newest members. Many of the animals residing at the zoo, like Cody, are orphaned or injured wildlife that can no longer be returned to the wild.


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