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Clean Right Cleaning Solutions: World-Class Cleaning Services For Businesses, Corporations, Schools And More Right Here In Greater New Bedford


Unhappy or frustrated with your current professional cleaning crew? Don’t have one, but like the idea of having professionals come into your place of business, school or corporate establishment and keeping it “spic and span”? Nothing speaks to potential customers more than attention to details and a clean environment makes a great first impression. For corporations, a clean building shows your employees that you go the extra mile to make sure that the offices are clean, pollen and allergens are significantly reduced or eliminated, and you have them in mind.

There is an ocean of business to choose from, making it difficult to arrange services like this. Who do you trust? Who has experience and a good reputation? What are people saying on social media or word-of-mouth? Who offers a competitive price and is affordable?

Clean Right Cleaning Solutions of 268 Mill Road in Fairhaven, has been churning out superlative service for over approaching two decades. A full service operation, they offer janitorial programs for all types of establishments and even specialty jobs, like stripping and waxing floors, large pane window cleaning, deep cleaning carpets, floors and windows, and more. A one-stop shop for your cleaning needs!

Started 15 years ago by lifelong Fairhaven resident, Jeff Silveira has been working in the cleaning industry since 1996. He’s cleaned almost every kind of mess you can imagine and believe it or not, enjoys doing what many of us don’t! “I trained and got my start with a franchise and realized the potential to offer a better service on my own. I always had a strong desire to own my own business while making an impact on the local level. I’m passionate about what I do. I rotate on most jobs which gives me the chance to monitor our work and client needs.”

Yes, Jeff is not only the owner and president of the Clean Right, but spends his time in the proverbial trenches. He is not only likely to be the one you’ll talk to when you call, but he is involved at all levels: he’s active in the field and on-site to ensure that the quality of work is par excellence.

This high standard is applied to all his employees and he rigorously vets each potential employee to make sure they fit in with his vision, work ethic, and mission. The Clean Right Cleaning Solutions team is very responsive to customers’ needs and encourage as much feedback as possible from customers so as to constantly strive for perfection.

Jeff stays on top of the industry by attending trade events and training. This way he has the most modern, efficient equipment and non-toxic chemicals on the market. He’s thoroughly dedicated to his business and customer satisfaction via providing the region’s best service. It’s not because you can simply, pick up the phone and hire someone else – there are plenty of competitive businesses in the area – but, because Jeff has immense pride in what he does.

His constant inspiration is his family: wife Audri and two children who occupy his time when he’s not working. It’s constant fuel for what he does and the how he attends to his business. “I’m a local business owner who’s dedicated to the job. I’m able to support my family and the families of those who work for me. I have two children that serve as my daily inspiration. My daughter Willow has autism and her needs require a great amount of support — it’s truly a family effort, and having a business that supports her while providing a quality service to the community offers great peace of mind.”

He’s hard-working family man that simply wants to to the best job he can and make his family proud. That is superb motivation to spur on any business and speaks volumes about his character.

If you are a business manager or owner, or someone in an administrative position who wants to benefit from the world-class services that Jeff and his expert staff provide, you can get a no obligation quote by phone or even online. Clean Right services New Bedford, Fall River, Fairhaven, Marion, Mattapoisett, Dartmouth, Rochester, Wareham, Taunton, and Rhode Island.One interaction with Jeff will demonstrate the type of person he is and by inference the business that he runs. In addition, you’ll see how competitive his prices are in comparison to other similar businesses.

You’ve nothing to lose except a lot of dirt, pollen, and dust!

Photo by Peter Vanderwarker.


Clean Right Cleaning Solutions
268 Mill Road
Fairhaven, Massachusetts
Monday-Friday: 8:00am-5:30pm

Phone: (508) 994-2412
Email: info@cleanrightsouthcoast.com
Website: cleanrightsouthcoast.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/cleanrightsouthcoast/


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