Brockton State Representative Michelle DuBois tips off community to ICE raids


Immigration is the biggest topic in America at the moment. Donald Trump’s polices on immigration and Attorney General’s latest announcement to withhold federal funds from sanctuary city and states is all the buzz on social media. In a controversial move this morning, 10th Plymouth State Representative Michelle DuBois posted to Facebook tipping off anyone undocumented in America and living in Brockton to stay in your home. She learned from a friend that ICE was conducting raids in Brockton. 

She doubled down with this post:

What do you think? Should elected officials be tipping off people to ICE raids? Telling people to make it harder for ICE to perform their duties? Here is what the ACLU says you should do if ICE comes knocking

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  1. She is the foulest kind of traitor.

  2. You may publish my email. Michelle Dubois has no regard for our country or our laws. I hope her constituency votes her out.

  3. You commenters are horrible awful disgusting people. Any immigrant, undocumented or not, is more American than you

    • No there not my grandparents came here thru Ellis island. Obey the laws. I am sorry they break our laws by coming here illegally give me a reason why they are more Americans then me

  4. Law enforcement should take out warrants for her arrest for obstruction of justice & impeding law enforcement in the performance of their duties. Arrest her, cuff her, book her, arraign her & try her, all publicly.

  5. How did she ever get in office ? Did all the illegals vote for her along with drug dealers what a disgrace she is

  6. Kick her out of office telling drug dealers that the cops are coming how did she ever get in the illegals voted her in

  7. joseph occhipinti

    hang her shes a tradior , she lucky I am not in charge .

  8. joseph occhipinti

    stop all people that betrade America an cizitens , lets put a stop too this now!

  9. joseph occhipinti

    any one protecting that piece of dog shit should go too,

  10. Dubois is a Traitor !!!

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