Boston officials proposing $15 fee if you drive into the City instead of using public transportation


Like to drive when you visit Boston? You might soon be faced with a $15 fee when choosing to drive into the city rather than take public transportation. Boston City Councilor, Tania Fernandes Anderson is pitching the idea of “congestion pricing” for drivers heading into the city.

Congestion pricing is a fee placed on drivers intended to be a form of revenue for the city, reduce traffic, limit car crashes, increase public transit use, and improve air quality.

The Boston City Council most likely got the idea from New York City which is in the process of putting congestion pricing in place. This came with plenty of pushback including a lawsuit from Bergen County, New Jersey who will be directly affected by an influx in traffic due to this new fee.

Personally, I’m having a tough time seeing this actually become implemented in Boston. We all have been stuck in Boston traffic and thought “There is nothing worse!” Well, imagine being stuck in Boston traffic and then getting slapped in the face with a $15 fee because you didn’t want to take the train?

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  1. Just another way to take from the working class. Democrats are put on their minds. Thank God I am buying a house in New Hampsire. I can’t wait to get out of this state. I love Boston and the people, but the government has ruined it.

  2. So I assume those of us in central and western Massachusetts will be financially punished if we want to visit the city? That’s crazy.

  3. The make it sound like everyone who works and drives into the city has the option of public transportation. I don’t think so . It’s so easy to fix a problem by imposing fees, it’s great if you have option to take a train in ,but opt not to.

  4. I love the three people complaining, so far. I think they missed the part where it says ‘you won’t be charged the $15 fee if you take public transportation ‘.

  5. I would love to take the T. But it is a total disaster, unsafe and dirty .

  6. Then they better implement a law that says employers can not dock your pay if you’re late or miss a day of work because the trains broke down again and they don’t have enough busses or drivers to shuttle everyone. The MBTA is unreliable at best.. fix that problem before slapping the poor middle class with yet another fee

  7. Just another tax to pay for ALL the illegal immigrants….and thank you to ALL the ’81 million voters’ who voted for bumbling biden!

  8. Angry resident with a wife who is a lawyer

    Me and my lawyer will be sueing the city of Boston with help from my union if this is implemented for many things but discrimination will be a slam dunk.

  9. They should be spending their time and resources on getting the T back to where it was pre-covid.
    It is extremely unreliable and the 6 minute max wait time for a train has crept closer to an average of 12 to 15 minutes. Standing outside in the Boston winter weather for 20 minutes and getting on a stuffed train is not acceptible or bearable for some. Fix the T then discuss sticking it to the middle class again….

  10. alexander bontempo

    Is obvious those politicians never used to t to go work. Easy to make laws when you are rich and can afford $15 a day just to go to work without need of convert commuting in a hell…..going work is already a hell by itself. And those are the Democrats swearing to tax the rich! Liers….the should hope the hell is just a fairytale because otherwise they are fucked.

  11. Boston doesn’t have any public transportation. Let the city officials use the MBTA then they have a good reason to stay home.

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